Electric scooter can be controlled remotely

As an electric scooter product, MODEL A is undoubtedly excellent. This product can support APP unlocking. As long as you download an APP and enter product information, no matter when and where you are, It can be controlled directly on the mobile phone, which is very convenient. And it can also support NFC unlocking, as long as you hold the card and swipe lightly, you can unlock it, which is very fast. Therefore, the function of MODEL A is really powerful.
And it can also be controlled remotely. All three modes can be switched at will. Mode 1 is an energy-saving mode with gentle and supple power, which is more suitable for beginners; Mode 2 is a normal mode with balanced power, which is more suitable for most drivers and road conditions; Mode 3 is The sport mode, with strong power, is more suitable for those who are skilled in driving, and the walking mode can be switched at will, bringing you a different riding experience. If you want to know more, please come to consult.

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