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   As an electric scooter manufacturer. /unagi model one electric scooter has always been defined as the most beautiful and technological. Like Apple in the field of mobile phones, Tesla in the field of automobiles. This is a “one-touch” folding scooter, this scooter features Unagi’s patented stainless steel hinge system that folds and locks at a smooth, satisfying point. The company promises that folding and carrying the Model One is far easier than any other motorcycle on the market. It took more than 30 prototypes to create a perfect magnesium alloy handlebar. No obvious wires, no bulky console, just a sleek body with an integrated command center. Magnesium is used because it is 33% lighter than aluminum, so the company proudly claims that the Model One is the most portable scooter on the market.

About electric scooters Innovation/designing more products with a sense of technology is what we pursue. For example, the model A body that we recently launched does not have a single line, and achieves the ultimate simplicity to the greatest extent. Surrounding taillights are very safe and cool, the perfect combination of mechanics and aesthetics / For more parameters, please see his details page

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