QMY-Entry Level Electric Scooter-TK1

Small and lightweight, electric scooters are extremely portable and offer riders a fun way to cover short distances quickly. However, electric scooters with poor manufacturing technology will inevitably have some disadvantages, which will cause riding accidents. However, there are also many high-quality electric scooters on the market, which are made of durable materials and have good speed and range.

QMY-Entry Level Electric Scooter-TK1-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

QMY is a professional manufacturer of electric scooters. It has 7 years of manufacturing experience. They have many high-quality electric scooters. There are many types of electric scooters, including adult electric scooters, off-road electric scooters, and children’s electric scooters. car etc. And these electric scooters have CE, TUV, KBA, FCC, MD, LDV, RoHS and other certifications. Today I recommend several entry-level electric scooters to beginners.

TK1 electric scooter

The TK1 electric scooter is very suitable for beginners. It has a simple and elegant appearance, equipped with a high-definition LED display, and the speed, battery, distance, gear and other information are clearly displayed. It also packs bright LED headlights and cool taillights for safe and stylish night driving.

The TK1 electric scooter is equipped with a 250w motor, the maximum speed can reach 25km/h, and it is easy to climb a slope of more than 10°. It uses a 36v/9.6Ah waterproof lithium battery with a waterproof rating (IP54). It has a fast charging speed and can be fully charged in 5-6 hours. After being fully charged, it can travel a distance of 43km

QMY-Entry Level Electric Scooter-TK1-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

The TK1 electric scooter weighs only 14kg, so you can easily lift it up. Its body can be folded in one second. After folding, its size is only 1100*180*480mm, which is very small. You can put it in the trunk of a car or in your office.

TK2 electric scooter

TK2 is a dual-motor electric scooter with a total power value of 500w. Its two 8.5-inch solid tires are equipped with 250w motors. The maximum speed can reach 25km/h, and it can easily ride a 15° slope. Its front wheels are equipped with intelligent shock-absorbing springs, which can drive smoothly and without bumps on uneven roads and speed bumps. It is also equipped with a power lithium battery with a capacity of 36v/9.6AH, which has high power supply rate, good endurance, and long battery life. It can travel a distance of 37km after charging for 5-6 hours. And it is waterproof, and the waterproof level (IP54) can also be ridden in rainy days.

QMY-Entry Level Electric Scooter-TK1-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

The TK2 electric scooter can be unlocked using APP connection and fingerprint unlocking, which is fast and safe. TK2 has three riding modes, energy-saving mode, normal mode, and sports mode. You can double-click the small button on the right handlebar to switch. The TK2 electric scooter is equipped with bright LED headlights and cool taillights, which can illuminate the road ahead when driving at night, and can also warn nearby vehicles to keep a safe distance from you.

The weight of the TK2 electric scooter is only 15kg, which is very light, and it is also very suitable for carrying. You can fold its body, and you can put it in small corners and offices after folding. It can also be put in the trunk of the car when traveling.


This electric scooter is definitely your best choice, all of them can adjust the riding mode, if you are a novice, then the energy-saving mode and normal mode are your best choices. They also have strong speed and range, and you can ride anywhere you want to go.



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