TK2 stylish and cool electric scooter

As a new type of means of transportation, electric scooters are small and light, and can travel freely in congested traffic groups. It’s good for the environment and a great choice for commuters in big cities. There are many electric scooters on the market, but there are really few electric scooters that can achieve both appearance and performance. And this TK2 electric scooter from QMY just has these advantages, the following is its information.

TK2 stylish and cool electric scooter-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer


The appearance of the TK2 electric scooter is simple and elegant, equipped with a high-definition LED driving screen, and the riding information is well known. It is equipped with ultra-bright LED headlights, cool turn signals and ambient lights. It is fashionable to turn heads when riding at night. It can improve the visibility of the rider and warn the vehicles behind to keep a safe distance from you.


The TK2 electric scooter can be connected using the APP, after which you can adjust its speed, gear position, lighting, unlocking and other settings at will. It also has a fingerprint unlock function, which is convenient and anti-theft. The TK2 electric scooter has three driving modes, energy-saving mode, normal mode, and sports mode. The speed of each mode is different. You can double-click the small button on the right handle to switch.


TK2 is a dual-motor electric scooter. Its two 8.5-inch solid tires are equipped with 250w motors. The total power value is 500w. The maximum speed can reach 25km/h, and it is easy to ride on a 15° slope. It uses a 36v/9.6Ah waterproof lithium battery with a waterproof rating (IP54). Its charging time is fast, and it can be fully charged in only 5-6 hours. After it is fully charged, it can travel a distance of 37km. Its front wheels are equipped with intelligent shock absorbing springs, and riding it over speed bumps and uneven roads is smooth and not bumpy.

easy to carry

The weight of the TK2 electric scooter is only 15kg, which is very light. Adults can easily lift it up. Its body can be folded with one button. After folding, its size is only 1100*180*480mm, which is very small and easy to store. You can put it in your office, or your home and a small corner, and you can also put it in the trunk of the car when you travel.


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