5 Benefits of Riding an Electric Scooter

More and more people are buying electric scooters as they allow riders to get from one destination to another in a convenient, comfortable and cost-effective manner. Electric scooters are an alternative to personal transportation that can also avoid the notorious problem of traffic congestion and contribute to a greener environment by reducing pollution. But did you know the health benefits of riding an electric scooter? The different health benefits of riding an electric scooter are detailed here.

5 Benefits of Riding an Electric Scooter-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

1. Burn Calories

People are constantly burning calories no matter what they are doing. So even if you think you’re just standing on an electric scooter, you’re still burning a lot of calories. In fact, a University of Brighton study found that riding an electric scooter at 4.6 mph (7.4 km/h) for 30 minutes could help riders burn around 150 calories. That’s almost the same amount of calories you burn (150-200 calories) walking 30 minutes a day.

If you use an e-scooter five days a week, with a total commute of 30 minutes per day, you’ll burn about 750 calories in five days just riding the e-scooter. While walking and biking may burn more calories and help you lose more weight, riding an electric scooter is still a great low-impact activity that will allow you to burn more calories than usual.

2. Helps strengthen the core muscles

When you ride an electric scooter, you don’t just use your hands to balance on the electric scooter. Instead, you use your entire body, especially your core, to ride and steer your scooter. Since your body is in motion when you start , turn or stop, your muscles tense and relax from time to time, which helps build their strength. Specifically, these muscles include your arms, shoulders, thighs, and legs.

5 Benefits of Riding an Electric Scooter-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

3. Promotes good posture

As mentioned earlier, a key factor in helping you maintain better balance on an electric scooter is maintaining good posture. In fact, it is essential to maintain good posture while riding to help you turn and move more easily and prevent any stress on your body while riding. In addition, improper riding posture is easy to fall or bruise, so it is best to practice standing upright on the electric bike. Overall, electric scooters offer a better posture for the rider. Before you know it, you can develop a better habit of standing up straight. In the long run, you can prevent bad posture, which can also lead to hunched back and joint pain as you age.

4. Improves physical coordination

Finally, riding an electric scooter can help develop better physical coordination. After all, it requires your undivided attention on multiple tasks such as maintaining balance on the scooter, turning when needed, accelerating, decelerating, and more. Also, your hands, eyes, body and mind must all be perfectly coordinated to avoid any accidents or collisions.

5 Benefits of Riding an Electric Scooter-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

You might think that riding an electric scooter is all about getting up and turning the handles, but once you try one, it will take all your attention and body parts to ride efficiently and safely. That’s why riding an electric scooter is a great way to develop your physical coordination.

5.Enhance leg muscle strength

Just like your core muscles, your leg muscles will also be used to maintain balance and stability while riding an electric scooter. Continuing to ride an electric scooter can help strengthen your hips and thighs. Your legs are constantly tightening and relaxing in response to different traffic situations – for example, when braking and cornering. When riding an electric scooter for the first time, you may notice how much you need to use your leg muscles.


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