Dual Motor Electric Scooter for Commuting – TK2

How can you commute to work in a big city without a means of transportation? I recommend you to choose an electric scooter. The electric scooter is compact, powerful and stylish. The compact body can easily drive in congested traffic and help you pass the rush hour. Electric scooters are very environmentally friendly. They mainly rely on electricity and will not emit exhaust gas that will pollute the air. If you like electric scooters, I recommend you to choose this TK2 electric scooter.

Dual Motor Electric Scooter for Commuting – TK2-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

TK2 Dual Motor Electric Scooter

The following are the functions and features of the TK2 electric scooter

TK2 is a dual-motor electric scooter. It has a motor power of 500w, and its two tires are equipped with 250w motors. The maximum speed can reach 25km/h, allowing you to soar adrenaline during driving. The strong power is not afraid of a slope of 15°, and it can be easily ridden.

The TK2 electric scooter uses a high-quality car lithium battery with a capacity of 9.6Ah 36V. It only needs to be charged for 5-6 hours to travel a distance of 37km, and the battery of the TK2 is also waterproof, and the waterproof level (IP54) is also suitable for riding in rainy days. Don’t worry. This electric scooter is very suitable for your daily commuting and entertainment

Dual Motor Electric Scooter for Commuting – TK2-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

The TK2 electric scooter has three riding modes (walking mode (15km/h), normal mode (20km/h), sports mode (25km/h), the speed of each mode is different, for example, when the scooter is running out of power, You can double-click the button on the right handlebar to adjust to walking mode, which can save more power and allow you to ride a longer distance. If you need to be in a hurry, you can directly adjust to sports mode, allowing you to reach your destination faster , if you are a beginner, I recommend you to use walking mode and normal mode.

TK2 electric scooter, it can connect Bluetooth and APP, after connecting APP, you can control its speed, lights, unlocking, etc. inside. It can also be unlocked with fingerprints, which can be unlocked only by entering fingerprints, which is convenient and smart, and can also prevent the scooter from being stolen.

Dual Motor Electric Scooter for Commuting – TK2-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

The TK2 electric scooter uses 8.5-inch explosion-proof tires, which have strong grip, wear resistance and non-slip, and can be driven comfortably on masonry roads, gravel roads, and gravel roads. At the same time, it is also equipped with shock-absorbing springs to keep you more stable. Smooth ride, no bumps, better control. The TK2 electric scooter is equipped with electronic brakes and rear wheel pedal brakes. The brakes are sensitive and easy to use, and can respond quickly. It is equipped with bright LED headlights, cool taillights and ambient lights. When driving at night, it can improve the visibility of the rider and warn the vehicles behind to keep a safe driving distance to prevent rear-end collisions.

The TK2 electric scooter is very light and only weighs 15kg, and girls with little strength can easily lift it up. Its body can be folded. After folding, its size is only (110*18*48cm), which is very convenient to carry. You can put it in the trunk of a car, elevator, bus, subway, etc. It is very convenient and easy to store. .


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