Best 25km/h Electric Scooter in 2023

Are you commuting in a big city, are you looking for a vehicle that suits you? If your ideal vehicle is convenient, cheap, easy to control, and fun. Then I recommend you choose to buy an electric scooter. Electric scooters are generally relatively small and light. Commuting to work you can take it on the bus and subway to complete your last kilometer. You can also ride it to go to the park is very convenient

Best 25km/h Electric Scooter in 2023-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

However, there are many different electric scooters on the market, all of them are about the same speed, but the quality and function are not the same, which makes it difficult to choose. But you don’t have to worry, I recommend you a 25km/h electric scooter suitable for commuting, it can be said to be the best electric scooter in 2023.

model A adult electric scooter

The model A electric scooter adopts a minimalist design, with integrated handles and pedals. Its wires are hidden and there is no leakage. It looks very clean. It is equipped with a high-definition digital screen, and information such as power, speed, and gear is clearly visible and easy to understand. Model A is fitted with ultra-bright LED headlights and stylish one-piece taillights. It can improve the visibility of the rider at night, and it can also prompt the vehicles behind to keep a safe distance from you to prevent collisions.

The model A electric scooter supports APP connection unlocking and NFC unlocking, which is very convenient and safe. It has a cruise control function, and it has three riding modes, energy-saving mode, normal mode, and sport mode, and you only need to double-click the button on the right handlebar to switch.

Best 25km/h Electric Scooter in 2023-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

The model A electric scooter has a 450w motor power, the fastest speed can reach 25km/h, and it can drive effortlessly on rough roads and 15° slopes. The model A electric scooter is equipped with a car lithium battery with a capacity of 48v/7.8Ah, which can travel a super long distance of 47km after charging for 5-6 hours. The model A electric scooter is also waterproof, with a waterproof rating of IP54.

The model A electric scooter uses 8.5-inch solid tires, which are wear-resistant and non-slip, and can be ridden comfortably on various roads such as brick roads, cement roads, and gravel roads. It is also equipped with triple shock-absorbing springs, which is very stable on uneven roads and speed bumps without bumps.

The weight of the model A electric scooter is only 17kg, and girls with little strength can lift it easily. Regardless of its lightness, its carrying capacity is not weak at all, it can carry a weight of 100kg. Its body can also be folded with one button. After folding, its size is only 1090*160*400mm, which is very small. You can take it on the bus, subway, or put it in your office when you go to work. You can also put it in the trunk of the car when traveling, which is very convenient.


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