Why do people choose electric scooters?

You may have noticed that electric scooters have become popular recently. Maybe most people thought that electric scooters were just children’s toys. It has become a very popular trend nowadays. If you’ve been thinking about buying an electric scooter but have been hesitant, take a look at the reasons why you need an electric scooter.

Why do people choose electric scooters?-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

live a more sustainable lifestyle

One of the biggest benefits of electric scooters is that they are environmentally friendly. Electric scooters help us reduce our carbon footprint. They use a relatively small amount of electricity while producing zero emissions. So they are great for improving air quality and also help improve breathability in busy cities. Riding an electric scooter will not produce annoying noise like a car, and riding an electric scooter is quieter and more comfortable.

For example, the QMY-model A electric scooter is equipped with a 48v/7.8Ah car lithium battery with a maximum power of 450w. Its top speed can reach 25km/h, and its battery life can reach a distance of 47km. It is the best means of transportation for commuters.

Small and portable

Another advantage of electric scooters is that they are small and portable. This makes them easy to take on public transport. Such as buses and subways. This helps you get through the last mile of your daily commute. For example, ride it to the subway bus station, and ride it to the company after getting off the subway. You can also carry it in the trunk of the car when you travel, which is very convenient.

The QMY-TK1 electric scooter can be folded in one second. After folding, its size is only 1100*180*480mm, which is very small. It weighs only 14kg, and you can easily lift it up. With a compact body, you can easily carry it into the office.

they are fun

An electric scooter is a very interesting means of transportation. It can carry you quickly from point A to point B. Riding on it can also exercise your balance ability and relax your mind. It is also very good for your health. .

For example, the QMY-TK1 electric scooter has a motor power of 250w, and the fastest speed can reach 25km/h. This electric scooter is fitted with 8.5-inch solid run-flat tires. The front wheels are equipped with intelligent shock absorbing springs, so that you can ride on complicated roads without bumps and maintain stable driving. Its strong power allows it to easily ride up a 15° slope

Why do people choose electric scooters?-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

they will save you money

Some people think electric scooters are expensive, but their true price may surprise you. For example, QMY’s model A electric scooter is priced at only $599. For commuters living in cities, this is obviously much cheaper than buying cars and motorcycles. Because some fuel costs and maintenance costs of the car are very expensive, it will cost you a lot of money. Electric scooters only need to be charged.

they are stylish and durable

For example, this TK2 electric scooter is black in color, with a swan-neck body, a guide tube appearance, round arcs, and a simple and elegant vehicle. Made of magnesium alloy, light and durable. Equipped with bright LED headlights, ambient lights, and cool tail lights, it can improve the visibility of the rider when driving at night, which is stylish and safe. It is also equipped with a high-definition LED LCD screen, which is very technological, and the driving status information is displayed at a glance.


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