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The manufacturer of QMY electric scooter today recommends a foldable electric scooter that is very easy to carry and store. It is this TK1 electric scooter. Its features are as follows:

electric scooter foldable-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

The appearance of the TK1 electric scooter is simple and elegant, and it is very fashionable. Its body can be folded in one second, and its weight is only 14kg. You can lift it up or put it in the trunk of a car or in the office when you are not riding. It can carry a weight of 100kg, and two adults standing on it will not affect the driving speed.

TK1 is equipped with electronic brakes and rear wheel brakes, which are responsive and very stable.

K1 is also very stylish in appearance. The top is equipped with an LED LCD screen, and the riding information is clear at a glance. The whole vehicle adopts a minimalist design. It also has bright LED headlights to illuminate the road ahead at night. The cool turn signals can let the vehicles behind you know where you are going and avoid accidents.

electric scooter foldable-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

electric scooter foldable-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

In addition to being light and stylish, the TK1 electric scooter also has many functions that electric scooters do not have, such as fingerprint unlocking. As long as you enter your fingerprint, you only need to put your finger on it to unlock it, which is convenient and anti-theft. .It can also be connected to APP. Once connected, you can adjust its speed, gear, lighting, unlocking, etc. inside. very convenient. TK1 also has a very convenient gear switching function. It has three driving modes: energy-saving mode 15km/h, normal mode 20km/h, and sports mode 25km/h. Just double tap the small button on the right handle to toggle. very convenient.

In addition to being lightweight, the TK1 electric scooter also has strong power and endurance. It is equipped with a powerful motor of 250w, and the top speed can reach 2km/h. Riding on it will make you feel the speed and passion. TK1 is equipped with a 36v 9.6Ah lithium battery. Its battery is also waterproof and has an ingress protection rating (IP54). It only takes 4-5 hours to charge to travel 43 kilometers. It can ride for a week on a single charge.


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