How to make your electric scooter ride farther

Many have ditched their cars and started riding on electric scooters. Electric scooters are not that fast compared to cars. Therefore, this transformation is understandable and desirable. Some, however, are concerned about how long the electric scooters they ride will last. They need to know if their electric scooter has the potential to take them to their destination and home with a dead battery. Cars run on fuel, while scooters need fully charged batteries.

How to make your electric scooter ride farther-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

Many people ask the question, can the range of electric scooters be extended? Electric scooters can extend battery life for longer rides. Here are some tips you can use to easily extend the battery life of your electric scooter. Let us tell you how.

Carrying weight
Generally, the carrying weight of an electric scooter for commuting is about 100 kilograms. If the load is too heavy or exceeds the size it can bear, it will affect its driving speed and consume more power.

While some electric scooters have decent speeds, driving at high speeds when you don’t have to can quickly drain your battery range.

How to make your electric scooter ride farther-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

steep road
Some riders are more courageous and like to ride the steep road for fun. If you are this type of rider, you should lower down on steeper roads. Over time, it will affect the range of the battery.

Picking up speed while riding is always fun, especially when the roads are clear and safe, but you have to do it occasionally. Acceleration is bad for commuting safe e-scooter battery life as it affects the battery range of your best electric scooter. Instead of accelerating, you could try cruising at a constant speed. It doesn’t put too much stress on your electric scooter, extending the range of the battery.

How to increase the range of electric scooters

Recently, it was discovered that the battery range of electric scooters is adjustable. Gone are the days when battery range was an issue for dual motor e-scooter riders. Now, there are some concrete steps you can consciously take to extend the battery range of your best electric scooter while riding.

Turn off the electric scooter when not riding

The electric scooter is the same as riding it. When you are not riding, you should turn off the electric scooter, because as long as the power is on, it will consume your battery power, but not as much as when riding.

Turn on energy saving mode

All high-quality electric scooters on the market can switch speeds. QMY’s TK2 electric scooter has this function, it can be switched into energy-saving mode, normal mode, sports mode, energy-saving mode can help you save more power, let you drive farther, and sports mode will give you Brings faster speed, but drains battery power faster.

Do not ride the electric scooter on an uphill slope

Riding up an incline takes a lot of power and accelerates and drains your battery

in conclusion:

High-speed driving and driving on uneven roads and slopes will quickly drain your battery. To avoid this, we hope some of the tips above will help you on your next ride.


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