Why TK1 is an electric scooter suitable for beginners

With the development of the times, electric scooters have become popular. There are many young people who have never ridden electric scooters. They want to buy an electric scooter for commuting to work but do not know how to choose. Then I recommend you that this is the most suitable Electric scooter TK1 for beginners.

Why TK1 is an electric scooter suitable for beginners-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

because it’s safe

The TK1 electric scooter is equipped with electronic brakes and rear wheel pedal brakes, and its electronic brakes are very convenient to brake with just a light push.

The TK1 electric scooter uses 8.5-inch solid tires, which are wear-resistant and non-slip, and are not easy to be punctured by sharp objects, and will not cause tire blowouts and traffic accidents. Its front wheels are also equipped with intelligent shock-absorbing springs, which can make you ride on uneven roads without bumps, and it is relatively stable so that you can ride comfortably and control well.

TK1 is equipped with bright LED headlights, which can illuminate the road ahead and improve the visibility of the rider at night when driving at night. It is also equipped with cool tail lights, which can warn the rear vehicles to keep a safe distance from you when driving at night. In case of rear-end collision.

TK1 electric scooter is equipped with BMS battery management system to make your battery safer. It has the following protection functions:
temperature protection
Over discharge protection
overcharge protection
overvoltage protection
balanced power
Short circuit protection

Excellent speed and battery life

The TK1 electric scooter is equipped with a 250w motor, the maximum speed can reach 25km/h, and it also has a cruise function. It has three riding modes, and their speeds are different. They are walking mode 15km/h, normal mode 20km/h h. The sports mode is 25km/h, which is very useful for beginners who are new to electric scooters. You can double-click the button on the right handlebar to choose a speed that is easy for you to control.

The TK1 electric scooter uses a 9.6Ah 36V high-quality lithium battery. The battery has a high power supply rate and a large capacity. It only needs to be charged for 5-6 hours to ride a distance of 43km, which is very suitable for commuting.

Why TK1 is an electric scooter suitable for beginners-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

Easy to carry and store

The weight of the TK1 electric scooter is very light, only 14kg, and girls with little strength can easily lift it up. When riding to work and encountering impassable roads, or going up and down stairs, or taking the elevator, you can fold it up and carry it with you. If you have a long distance to work and need to take the bus and subway, and there is still a distance to get there after getting off the bus, you can take the TK1 electric scooter, because its folded size is only 110*18*48cm, and you can put it in the car It is very convenient that the trunk, bus, and subway do not take up space.

This TK1 electric scooter is far better than riding an electric scooter in terms of speed and battery life. The cruise control function can facilitate beginners to choose the appropriate speed. Your driving is more stable, and the lighting system makes you safer at night. The lightweight body and foldable design make it easy to carry and store, which is very suitable for novices.


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