QMY/2022 Several best electric scooters for commuting

With the rapid development of the times, there are more and more cars, buses, and motorcycles. For some people who are still waiting for the bus, this is very distressing, because the increase in vehicles can easily cause road congestion and cause lateness for work. So people waste a lot of precious time in traffic jams. Some people also choose to ride a shared bicycle because it is relatively small and not afraid of traffic jams, but if you ride a shared bicycle, you have to pay the fare again after a certain distance, so it is very troublesome, and the price is similar to that of an ordinary bus. tired. So not a good choice.

Until the emergence of electric scooters, a large number of people choose to use electric scooters for travel, because its price is relatively cheap and affordable, and it has faster speed and battery life than motorcycles. The body of the electric scooter is very small, and it can even drive freely in the congested traffic. It is also very light and suitable for carrying. Most of the electric scooters on the market can be folded. After folding, it can be carried by hand, and it is very convenient to bring it into the bus, subway, office, etc.

Now that I know so much, as an electric scooter manufacturer, I would like to recommend some electric scooters that are most suitable for commuting!

model A electric scooter-450w

QMY/2022 Several best electric scooters for commuting-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

This model A electric scooter adopts a minimalist design and an integrated handlebar. Its wires are hidden, and there is no external line exposed, which is very simple. It is equipped with a high-definition digital screen, which can facilitate riders to view riding information. It has a motor power of 450w and a top speed of 25km/h. It uses 8.5-inch run-flat tires, which are wear-resistant and non-slip. And it is equipped with triple shock-absorbing springs, which can make you drive more stably without bumps. The final thing is that it has a high-quality waterproof lithium battery with 7.8Ah 48V capacity, waterproof grade IP54, and can travel a distance of 47km on a single charge. This is the most suitable electric skateboard for commuters, and it is a complete vehicle The weight is only 17kg and it is very light, and its body can be folded, which allows you to carry and store it more conveniently.

TK2-Electric Scooter-500w


QMY/2022 Several best electric scooters for commuting-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer


This TK2 electric scooter adopts a swan-neck body, with rounded arcs, elegant and noble, and the whole vehicle looks very simple and atmospheric. It is equipped with a high-definition LED LCD screen, and the riding information is well known. TK2 is equipped with super bright LED headlights, cool taillights and ambient lights. Safe and stylish night driving. It is a dual motor electric scooter with a total motor power of 500w. Its two tires are also equipped with 250w motors, and the top speed can reach 25km/h. Riding it on a 15° slope is easy. The carrying capacity of TK2 is also very strong, it can bear a weight of 100kg, and two adults can easily drive on it. It uses a 9.6Ah 36V lithium battery, which can travel a distance of 37km. You can ride it to go shopping, go to work, and take express delivery. It is very suitable


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