Several advantages of electric scooters

Compared with other means of transportation, electric scooters have many advantages. For example, the following simple examples.

cheap price

If you use the money to buy a car, you can buy dozens of electric scooters, which can be consumed by anyone.

Electric scooters are more convenient

Electric scooter it does not require a parking space. In this era of rapid technological development, it is very difficult to find a parking space, and the electric scooter can be parked at will, so you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space anymore

faster and safer

Electric scooters are much faster than some shared bicycles, saving time and effort. Even though the speed of the car is relatively fast, it is easy to get stuck in traffic in big cities, and the electric scooter has a small body and can drive freely in the congested traffic. Compared with some cars, the speed of electric scooters is basically not too fast. As long as you obey the traffic rules and concentrate, there will be no safety problems.

Several advantages of electric scooters-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

This TK1 electric scooter is very suitable for commuting. It has a small size and elegant appearance, and you are the focus when riding on the side of the road. It is equipped with a 250w motor power, and the maximum speed can reach 25km/h, allowing you to experience the same driving experience. TK1 is equipped with 8.5-inch solid run-flat tires, which are wear-resistant and non-slip, and are not easy to blow out when driving on sharp roads, and we have equipped its front wheels with intelligent shock-absorbing springs. Driving over speed bumps and uneven roads is very smooth and not bumpy. TK1 has a 9.6Ah capacity car lithium battery, capable of driving a distance of 43km. For some commuters who go to work not far away, they can travel almost a week on a single charge. The TK1 electric scooter is relatively light and only weighs 14kg, so you can easily lift it up. Its body can be folded with one button, which can play a very good role when going up and down stairs or when you need to transfer to a bus or subway。

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