model A adult foldable electric scooter 450w power APP/NFC unlock 25km/h speed

As a new type of transportation tool, electric scooters are very popular among contemporary young people and office workers because of their compact body, easy portability, long battery life and fast speed. So how to choose a good electric scooter? I recommend that you choose an electric scooter with high battery life, light and intelligent body, and solid tires. For example, this model A electric scooter. The design of the whole vehicle is minimalist, the appearance is simple and atmospheric, no wires are exposed on the outside, and the sheet metal parts are of high quality. Model A is equipped with an LED high-definition LCD screen, and driving information is clear at a glance. It can be unlocked using APP and NFC, which is fast and safe. The model A electric scooter can also be connected to the APP to adjust its cruise mode and its other functions such as light and speed. The light tubes of the model A electric scooter are super bright LED headlights and integrated cool taillights, which are very cool for night riding, with high visibility, and can also warn the vehicles behind to keep a safe distance and protect your riding safety. The model A electric scooter has a motor power of 450w, and its top speed can reach 25km/h. It is not late to ride it to work. Its tires are 8.5-inch maintenance-free explosion-proof flick tires, which are wear-resistant, non-slip, and comfortable to ride, not easy to be punctured by sharp objects. The model A electric scooter is also relatively stable. Its body is equipped with triple shock absorption springs, and it is very stable without bumps on speed bumps, gravel roads and masonry roads. The body of the model A electric scooter is only 17kg, which is very convenient to carry. You can fold it when you go to work. After folding, it can be put into the trunk of the car, subway, and bus. It is very convenient.

model A adult foldable electric scooter 450w power APP/NFC unlock 25km/h speed-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

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