QMY/ Electric scooter manufacturer adult foldable electric scooter 450w power LED display

In order to meet people’s demand for short-distance transportation, more and more means of transportation have appeared in people’s lives. Electric scooters occupy a large number of means of transportation due to their advantages of energy saving, portability, environmental protection, convenient operation and fast speed. Such as this model A electric scooter, the whole vehicle adopts a minimalist design, the body is small and light, you can fold it when you go to work, and then lift it easily, because it only weighs 17kg, you can take it with you Enter the bus, subway, car trunk, etc., it does not take up space and is easy to store. model A It can be unlocked using APP and NFC, so unlocking is convenient and secure. The model A electric scooter has a super power of 450w, and the top speed can reach 25km/h, so you are not afraid of being late when you go to work. The tires are 8.5-inch maintenance-free explosion-proof flick tires, which are wear-resistant and non-slip, and are as easy to blow out as the vacuum tires on the market, and their run-flat tires can drive normally even if they are punctured. Some people may suspect that its stability is not good. Don’t worry about the model A. It is equipped with triple shock absorber springs and rides very smoothly on masonry roads, gravel roads and speed bumps. Model A is equipped with a high-definition LED LCD screen, and it is very convenient for you to observe the above information to understand your driving status during the riding process. We are a professional electric scooter manufacturer, if you need you can contact us

QMY/ Electric scooter manufacturer adult foldable electric scooter 450w power LED display-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

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