How to choose a good electric scooter

With the continuous development of science and technology, electric scooters are slowly becoming popular, and more and more people choose electric scooters, because electric scooters are more economical. If you have purchased a private car before, you should know that the car plus One oil costs a lot of money, and electric scooters only need to be charged, which is very environmentally friendly. The body of the electric scooter is very small, and it is not afraid of traffic jams when riding it, and it has strong power and battery life, so what should we do? What about choosing a good electric scooter?

How to choose a good electric scooter-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

As a professional electric scooter manufacturer, I recommend you to choose this model A electric scooter, this scooter adopts a minimalist design, hidden wiring, and hidden footrests, and its footrests are not like The iron tube spring base on the market, the spring base will rust and loosen after a long time, which is very inconvenient to park, and the quality and material of the base sheet metal parts of model A are not easy to be damaged. The model A electric scooter has a motor power of 450w, the highest speed can reach 25km/h, and its gear position can be adjusted, there are walking mode, normal mode and sports mode, you can adjust according to different situations, model A is in A lot of measures have also been taken in terms of safety, such as its super bright LED headlights and wrap-around taillights, which can improve the rider’s visibility when driving at night, and can also prompt the vehicles behind to keep your distance. The pedals of the model A are It is non-slip and can carry a weight of 250kg, and two people can travel fast when standing on it. The body of model A can be folded. You can fold it when you go to work and bring it into the subway, bus, office, car trunk, etc. It is very convenient and easy to store. model A electric scooter is your best choice


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How to choose a good electric scooter