TK1 Adult Foldable Electric Scooter 250w High Power APP Fingerprint Unlock

With the small increase in vehicles, migrant workers in big cities are prone to traffic jams by bus or private car. I recommend you to choose a new mode of travel, which is to travel by electric scooter, which is small in body, light in weight and strong in performance. , this TK1 is the best example, this electric scooter has a simple and atmospheric appearance, a guide tube appearance, an integrated handle, it is also equipped with super bright LED headlights and cool turn signals, no matter it is night It is very fashionable to ride or ride in the daytime. It has a 250w motor power and can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h. It is very smart and can be connected to the APP to unlock and control its cruise mode and some functions. It also supports fingerprint unlocking, which is very It is safe and convenient, its body can be folded, you can fold it into the trunk of the car, bus, elevator, office and other places when you go to work, it is very easy to carry and store.

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