TK2 adult foldable electric scooter/APP/fingerprint unlock 120kg load

If you are an office worker and need to take the subway and other buses, it is not only very troublesome to walk after getting off the bus, but also easy to get stuck in traffic. I recommend you to buy an electric scooter. This TK1 electric scooter has a simple and elegant appearance and a swan neck body. Elegant and noble, with a compact body, you can easily pass through the group of cars even if you encounter traffic jams. You can also fold its body and carry it into the trunk of a bus, subway, or car. The whole vehicle is very lightweight. Only 14kg, you can also ride it to get express shopping, it can carry a weight of 120kg, it has a strong power of 250w and the fastest speed can reach 25km/h, it can also be connected to the APP to adjust its cruise mode, lighting , unlocking, etc. Of course, you can also choose a faster unlocking method. Fingerprint unlocking is efficient and safe. Its tires are 8.5-inch run-flat tires, which are wear-resistant and non-slip for more comfortable riding. The speed bump is not bumpy and very stable. This electric scooter has very comprehensive functions and can be said to be the best of all electric scooters.

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TK2 adult foldable electric scooter/APP/fingerprint unlock 120kg load-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

This electric scooter comes in several colors
Answer: It has three colors: white, black and red

How far can this electric scooter travel
Answer: Its battery uses high-quality lithium battery, which has a long life and good endurance and can travel a distance of 35km

Can you accept Customization?
A: Yes, we can provide customize your Logo, Color carton, the scooter’s color & specification etc.

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