Electric Scooter Manufacturer/Adult Foldable Electric Scooter 450w High Power LED HD LCD Screen

We are a professional electric scooter manufacturer in China. Today, we recommend our model A adult electric scooter. The whole vehicle adopts a minimalist design, the handle is almost integrated, and its body has no extra wires. The appearance looks like It is very simple and elegant. Its screen is an LED high-definition LCD screen. The above values can be clearly seen even under strong light. It can be unlocked by APP and NFC, which is very convenient and fast.

Is this electric scooter foldable?
A: It can be folded, it does not take up space after folding, you can take it into subways, buses, elevators and car trunks, which are very convenient

The quality of the tires of this electric scooter is good, and the driving is stable and unstable. Will it blow out?
A: The tires of this electric scooter are 8.5-inch maintenance-free explosion-proof flick tires, which are wear-resistant and non-slip, and are not easy to be punctured by sharp objects. The pedals are equipped with triple shock-absorbing springs, so the speed bumps are not bumpy. Very stable ride

How much power does this electric scooter have and how many kilometers can it ride?
Answer: This electric scooter has a motor power of 450w, and the maximum speed can reach 25km/h. Its battery is an automotive-grade lithium battery, which has a high power supply rate and good endurance. It can ensure that the electric scooter rides a distance of 40km. It is very convenient and worry-free to commute to get off work

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Electric Scooter Manufacturer/Adult Foldable Electric Scooter 450w High Power LED HD LCD Screen-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

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