model A adult foldable electric scooter 450w power 25km/h/17kg body

Are you still paying a high price to buy an electric scooter? Not only is the price expensive, but the model is too large to take up space, and it is too heavy to push. As an electric scooter manufacturer with 7 years of experience in electric scooter manufacturing, I recommend you Buy an electric scooter, because the electric scooter body is small and light and does not take up space, the key price is low, the battery life is high, the power is large, and it is easy to carry. This model A electric scooter adopts a minimalist design. Hidden wiring, riding on the street is very fashionable, its display is LED high-definition LCD screen, the values are clearly visible, its power is strong with 450w power, the maximum speed can reach 25km/h, and the 15° slope is light Easy and loose, its weight is only 17kg. When you go to work, you can fold it up and take it into the subway, bus into the trunk of the car, etc. When encountering traffic jams, it can shuttle freely among the cars by virtue of its compact body.

model A adult foldable electric scooter 450w power 25km/h/17kg body-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

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