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When you go out to travel and climb mountains, do you envy others to ride up the mountain, but you walk up step by step intelligently, so that people who have not reached the top of the mountain are too tired. Why not choose an electric scooter, it has strong power, high battery life and speed Fast and energy-saving, the key price is also very cheap, for example, these two electric scooters TK2 and modelA are your best choices. You ride it to work, climb mountains or go shopping, no problem and convenient.。

The power and speed of TK2 electric scooter and model A electric scooter?
The TK2 electric scooter is a dual motor with a motor power of 500w. Its two tires are installed with a 250w motor. The fastest speed can reach 25km/h. The model A electric scooter has a motor power of 450w. Its maximum speed can also reach 25km/h

Can they fold this electric scooter?
Yes, they are all foldable, and after folding, you can put them in the trunk of the car, elevator, subway, office, etc. It is very convenient

How far can these two electric scooters go?
Their battery adopts high-quality lithium battery-powered lithium battery, which has high power supply, safe and durable performance, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, and has a long battery life. This TK2 electric scooter can ride a distance of 35km, and its battery life of model A can reach 40km, and their batteries are waterproof, so you are not afraid to ride in the rain

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