2 Wheels Children’s Foldable Electric Scooter

This is an electric scooter made for children. It has a cute appearance and beautiful colors. Its body is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy. The weight of the whole vehicle is only 4.9kg. The lightweight body can be easily lifted by children. The switch adopts the reset switch of kilograms and is waterproof. The current is stable and the sensitivity is high. It can be started with a touch, and there will be no problem of switch failure. Its body can be folded and you can put it in the trunk of the car after folding. In the room or on the bus, it does not take up space and is easy to store. Children can ride on it to exercise reaction ability and balance.

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2 Wheels Children’s Foldable Electric Scooter-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

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