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We are a professional electric scooter manufacturer and supplier. Today I recommend our children’s electric scooter to everyone. This children’s electric scooter has a cute shape and beautiful colors, which can improve children’s color perception ability. The maximum speed of the motor power can reach 7km/h, and the battery adopts high-safety 18650 lithium battery, which is high-speed, high-power, safe and durable. The PGM intelligent battery management system is more efficient and can ride a distance of 20km. It is not only a child’s scooter , it can also exercise children’s reaction ability and balance ability

Can its handlebars be adjusted up?
Answer: Three-level height adjustment, using adjustable height adjustment, suitable for children of different heights, reducing idle time and improving utilization

How does this electric scooter brake?
A: The rear wheel foot brake, just lightly step on the rear wheel buffer when driving

Can you accept Customization?
A: Yes, we can provide customize your Logo, Color carton, the scooter’s color & specification etc.0

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