QMY/Children’s electric scooter 80w motor power 7km/h speed

We are a supplier of electric scooters. Today I recommend our children’s electric scooter to everyone. Its color is beautiful and its shape is cute and delicate. I recommend you to buy one if you have children at home. It can not only be used as a transportation tool for children, but also can exercise Children’s reflexes and balance, ideal for small children to ride

How many colors does this electric scooter come in?
A: It has three colors of pink, blue and yellow, you can choose any of us, we also support customization service, you can customize the color and pattern you like

 How much power does this electric scooter have and what is the top speed?
80w brushless high-efficiency power motor, the maximum speed can reach 7km/h

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QMY/Children’s electric scooter 80w motor power 7km/h speed-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

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