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We are a professional electric scooter manufacturer and supplier, we have 7 years of electric scooter manufacturing experience, more than 120 production personnel and 3000 square meters of production lines and 1000 square meters of warehouse, we mainly produce adult foldable electric scooters Scooters, children’s electric scooters, karts, off-road vehicles, etc. Our products have passed CE, RoHS, FCC, UL, IP54 certificates. In the electric scooter market, we have never stopped innovating new ideas. We continue to Cooperate with overseas partners to enhance brand influence. All OEM and ODM projects are welcome.

Can you accept Customization?
A: Yes, we can provide customize your Logo, Color carton, the scooter’s color & specification etc.

Do you have design patent?
A: Yes. Our all products are R&D by ourselves and applied for patents. We have our own unique selling points to distinguish us from others.

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Our production staff is assembling electric scooter front wheel parts

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