QMY/TK2 wheel adult foldable electric scooter 500w high power 35km long battery life

If you want to buy an electric scooter now, you can contact us, we are a professional electric scooter, we have many kinds of electric scooters, good performance and cheap price, such as our TK2 electric scooter, its appearance and appearance Performance can be said to be the Lamborghini of the automotive industry, and its advantages are as follows!

1. Motor power and battery life
This electric scooter has a 500w motor power, and we have installed a 250w motor on both of its tires, which can guarantee a driving range of 35km

2. Tires and shock absorption
It has 2 8.5 inch maintenance-free flick run-flat tires, which are wear-resistant and non-slip, never break or leak on brick and gravel roads, and keep the ride comfortable. We also installed it on the front wheel. Shock-absorbing spring, no matter it is over speed bumps and bumpy roads, it can drive smoothly without bumps

3. Scooter appearance and folding function
The appearance of this electric scooter is simple and invigorating. It has three colors: red, white and black. Its body can be folded in one second, just press the button and slide down to fold, which is much faster than ordinary electric scooters

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QMY/TK2 wheel adult foldable electric scooter 500w high power 35km long battery life-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

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