TK2/500w adult electric scooter scooter 25km/h maximum speed 35km long battery life

Electric scooters are in the era of environmental protection, clean energy transportation, sustainable development, energy saving and emission reduction. The relevant laws are constantly being improved, the support policies are in the stage of rapid development, and the funds and various incentives are constantly increasing. These conditions The new standard of the world economy is being reconstructed, and human society will enter a new era of development.

The TK2 electric scooter is made of magnesium alloy aviation-grade material, with a stylish, light and simple body design, and has an efficient, environmentally friendly and safe lithium-ion large-capacity battery. With a power of 500w, the speed can reach 25km/h and the battery life of 35km can be maintained, completely subverting people’s impression of traditional electric vehicles. Driving it, you can easily pass through the congested streets of the city, and let you say goodbye to the pain of waiting for the car and the traffic jam. No longer worry about being late or missing an appointment, the time can be accurately grasped.

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TK2/500w adult electric scooter scooter 25km/h maximum speed 35km long battery life-QMY|   electric scooter manufacturer

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